Prince Charles, who is the heir to the throne of Queen Elizabeth II, tested positive for COVID-19. Currently, quoted from AFP, Prince Charles is isolating himself in Scotland.

From the official statement of the Prince Charles Office, Wednesday (3/25) local time, the ex-husband of the late Princess Diana was in good condition. Although there is a high risk of seeing the age of Charles, who is now 71 years, his current wife, Camilla (Duchess of Cornwall), has also tested COVID-19 with negative results.

Disclosure of the future of the king of the future of England, adding to the positive patients in the UK, which reached 8,000 cases with 422 deaths on Tuesday.

The Foreign Ministry said the deputy head at the British Embassy in Budapest, Steven Dick (37), died after suffering from the virus.

And a 21-year-old woman who showed no symptoms of illness also died, his family said while asking residents to follow government instructions.

The government on Monday ordered a lockdown for three weeks to slow the spread of the virus. The elderly (elderly) are instructed to stay at home and for those who show signs of COVID-19 to perform self-quarantine for seven days.

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