Ohio and Louisiana Announce Lockdown due to Corona Virus

More and more states in the United States (US) are announcing a lockdown amid the Coronavirus pandemic. The rules of Ohio, Louisiana, and Delaware are the latest US states to take steps to enforce this step to slow the spread of the virus.
As reported by Reuters on Monday (3/23/2020), the three states were joined by New York, California, Illinois, Connecticut, and New Jersey, which first restricted the movement of its citizens. In total, there are 101 million people in the five states who are advised not to leave the house.

Or in other words, as reported by Reuters, now at least one in three US citizens are under orders to remain at home to slow the spread of the virus that has killed more than 410 people in the US. In total, more than 34 thousand people have been infected with Coronavirus throughout the US.

Ohio Governor, Mike DeWine, began imposing a lockdown in his area since Sunday (22/3) local time.

“Every piece of evidence that I can show indicates that we are at a critical time in this war, and what we do now will make a difference in the world,” DeWine said in a statement.

“What we are doing now will slow down this (Corona-red virus) invasion. It will slow down this invasion so our health care system will have time to treat the victims,” ?? he added.

So far, the state of Ohio has reported 351 cases of the Coronavirus with three dead. Louisiana reported 837 cases, with 20 people dead. Louisiana became the third state in the US with the highest number of cases per capita.

The Governor of Louisiana, John Bel Edwards, said that the number of cases of the Coronavirus in his territory had increased 10-fold in the past week.

The lockdown in Ohio will take effect on Monday (3/23) early morning local time until April 6. While in Louisiana will take effect starting Monday (3/23) afternoon local time until April 12 next. For Delaware, the prohibition of going out applies from Tuesday (3/24) morning local time.

Meanwhile, the Dallas County authority in Texas with a population of 2.5 million and the Philadelphia city authority with 1.6 million residents ordered every non-essential business to close starting Sunday (22/3) local time, and all residents ordered to remain in the house.

In Kentucky, all non-essential businesses are ordered to close starting Monday (3/23) night local time, but local authorities do not ask residents to remain in their respective homes.

Previously, the authorities of the states of California and New York imposed a lockdown by instructing every citizen not to leave the house if not for urgent and essential purposes. All businesses in the two states were also ordered to close, except pharmacies and grocery stores temporarily.

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