Disney Will Change Splash Mountain Vehicle into New Attractions Themed Princess and the Frog

Splash Mountain
Splash Mountain

Disney has announced plans to turn Splash Mountain into a theme park “Princess and the Frog” in US amusement parks.

The plan has been carried out for the past year and implemented at Disney World in Orlando, Florida, and Disneyland in Anaheim, California.

The new attraction themed Princess, and the Frog will feature princess adventures with melodious music playing along the way.

In the Splash Mountain rides, there are mountain trips that will later be replaced by giant trees and sparkling lights.

Launching from insider.com, the new concept is inclusive, obtained from the opinions of Disney visitors so far.

Although the film about Princess and the Frog was released approximately 11 years ago, President of Walt Disney Imagineering, Bob Weis will choose the theme for his new attraction.

For him, the story of a fairytale has never been ‘out of date,’ though.

Previously, in June 2020, Disney fans made a petition asking the Disney parks to replace the Splash Mountain ride into a Princess and the Frog themed attraction.

The petition quickly signed by about 10,000 visitors who had similar opinions.

The petition’s existence is one reason Splash Mountain will replace with the theme of Princess and the Frog with soft and melodious music.

On the official Disney World website, Splash Mountain described as a “hare-raising ride” that takes visitors through colorful Louisiana bayou with Princess Tiana and crocodiles.

Since it planned to change the new attractions, but Disney still hasn’t announced when Splash Mountain will officially replace it with the Princess and the Frog theme.

But it is well known that Senior Creative Producer Charita Carter will lead this exciting project.

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