Patient’s Testimony Healed: COVID-19 Can Be Controlled


Positive patients suffering from Coronavirus Disease or COVID-19, which are negative converged or have been cured, prove that we can control the virus so that people do not need to fret—quoted by the Antara news agency.

“Thank God, with medical treatment. Now I am healthy,” said Christina, one of the positive patients of COVID-19 who have cured.

He gave testimony through a video recording that aired in a press conference at the Grahadi State Building in Surabaya, Friday (3/27/2020) night.

Christina, when she became a patient after being tested positive for COVID-19, underwent treatment at Dr. Soetomo Regional General Hospital (RSUD) Surabaya. And he appealed to the public not to worry.

COVID-19 can be controlled. So that people are not infected, the most important thing is to maintain cleanliness by diligently washing hands using soap,” he explained.

Christina also appealed to the public not to swallow raw information related to the spread of COVID-19 on social media, which, according to him, is often exaggerated.

“Do not believe the news hoaxes. COVID-19 can be cured. Transmission of this disease can be prevented if we do not often leave the house,” he said.

On that occasion, East Java Governor Khofifah Indar Parawansa said that until 17:00 WIB on Friday (3/27/2020), the number of positive COVID-19 patients who had been successfully cured in the local, provincial area totaled eight people.

“While patients who tested positive for COVID-19 until 16.00 WIB this afternoon numbered 66 people, four people died,” he explained.

Currently, a total of 66 people in East Java are positively exposed to COVID-19, with details of 33 people from Surabaya, nine from Malang Raya (Malang Regency, Malang City, and Batu City) and eight from Magetan.

Next, eight people from Sidoarjo, two from Kediri Regency, two from Situbondo, and one each from Gresik, Blitar, Lumajang and Jember.

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