Coronavirus Tips – Want Your Home to Be CoronaVirus (COVID-19) Free, Here Are 5 Easy Tips

Coronavirus Tips
coronavirus tips

Coronavirus tips – want your home free of Coronavirus (Covid-19), here are five easy to apply tips.

Prevent the spread of Coronavirus from home.

Several simple things can be applied.

People with severe coughs, fevers, and difficulty breathing do not cause the Corona Virus pandemic.

Conversely, people with mild symptoms or no symptoms are responsible for the majority of Covid-19 cases, according to research published earlier this week.

People who work in specific parts have a high chance of being exposed to SARS-CoV-2, the scientific name of the virus that causes Covid-19, and brings the virus home.

Because it is tough to say who brought the virus before symptoms appeared, working family members and those who stayed at home were at increased risk for exposure.

Researchers still don’t know much about SARS-CoV-2, but they have studied similar viruses and know their weaknesses.

A team of scientists and architects has conducted research and written guidelines to make rooms in our homes unfriendly to viruses.

Here are some quick and easy tips from experts that we can try at home:

1. Clean the sink and disinfect it regularly

Washing hands is the most important thing we can do to protect ourselves and others from Covid-19.

We must do this often, such as when returning from the outside, after we touch a potentially infected surface, when we use the bathroom, and before eating.

Washing hands against the virus in two ways, first destroy several copies of the virus, and everything in our hands will be wiped out.

However, some survivors can carry small drops of water that fly into the air during hand washing.

Cleaning around the sink will limit the surface area where they can land and survive, and sometimes disinfecting will prevent the virus from infecting anyone.

Make sure we also clean surfaces that are often touched regularly, such as tables, door handles, and tap handles.

2. Open the window

Increasing the amount of fresh air that enters our homes will help eliminate contaminants in the room, including virus particles in the air.

Researchers are not sure how many people are sick from inhaling the SARS-CoV-2 virus carried through the air, but they fear the infection can spread through particles that float in the air for up to half an hour.

“A little fresh air makes our body better, and we think there is evidence that it can make our home building good too.”

So says Kevin Van Den Wymelenberg, co-author of the guide and professor at the School of Architecture and Environment at the University of Oregon.

“This is a simple strategy that we can access in most buildings and homes.”

3. Use a room moisturizer

Recent research shows that high temperatures and high relative humidity can reduce Covid-19 transmission.

Increasing the percentage of water molecules in the air can help in several ways, according to the authors of the guide.

Water molecules can damage the outer membrane of the virus, thus allowing the virus to live shorter.

Also, water molecules make small droplets where the virus becomes more massive, which causes them to fall from the air faster.

Humidity also affects how well our body can defend itself against pathogens and other particles, including viruses.

Coronavirus enters the body through the mucous membranes, such as our eyes, nose, and mouth.

Indoor air tends to dry out the membrane, making our bodies more vulnerable to pathogens.

Keeping the humidity a little higher allows our body’s first line of defense to work at optimal levels.

4. Open the curtain so that the sun comes in

Letting the sunlight into our homes is another way to put pressure on the viruses that enter.

UV rays damage most microorganisms and viruses, including Corona Virus.

“We have evidence in the literature that sunlight can deactivate influenza viruses and other viruses,” said Mark Fretz, one of the authors of this guide and assistant research professor at the University of Oregon’s College of Design.

“It’s also good for our psychological health.”

5. Clean the items we use every day

It includes disinfecting our phones, washing our clothes carefully, and cleaning reusable shopping bags.

We all have to make significant changes to slow the spread of Covid-19.

But remember, this recommendation is not a substitute for washing hands and maintaining social distance.

Amid the uncertainty surrounding the Corona Virus pandemic, holding more control will make it easier for us to get through the crisis.

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